Online Learn Holy Quran for Knowledge and Enlightenment:

Availability of the Quran Online is highly desired these days. The pace of life is too fast these days. The lifestyle too has changed drastically. Almost everything is online these days. In fact, one cannot think of a thing, which is not happening online these days. With the changing trends even the shopping and the formal education too is shifting online. So, it totally makes sense if the Muslims of today want to study the Quran Online. The first question that arises is about the availability of the Quran Online.

Secondly, one must be sure that the Quran Online is the authentic version. If the Quran that is available on a website is not authentic, it can become an extremely grave problem. Few years ago, the entire Quran was not available on the internet. However, the times have changed now. Now several websites keep the copy of the Quran Online. Often one can easily read from the online copy and at most of the websites, the Quran is available free of cost to download. In fact, now a day there are websites, which also allow downloading of the Quran to the cellular phones of the people. Having the Quran right on, the cellular phone is a huge ease that the technology has brought to the life of the Muslims. The authenticity of the Quran Online however remains a grave issue. It has been reported repeatedly that some factions constantly upload the unauthenticated versions of the Quran Online. Sometimes it is a mistake by the ignorant Muslims and at other times, some people against the religion of Islam do it deliberately. Their aim is to misguide the Muslims and to tarnish the perception of Islam to the non-Muslim world.

There are several ways to ensure that one has found an authenticated Quran Online. The easiest and the most reliable solution is to forward the name of the website with the online Quran to a trusted Islamic scholar or a foundation. The people there can check to see if the version is free from any type of errors. Often the Islamic foundations and scholars can themselves refer people to a trusted website, which offers free download of the copy of the Quran. “Does reading or studying the Quran Online really help?” some orthodox people are never tired of asking. Well the answer is why not would it help? In fact, a counter question is that what probably could be the difference? The Quran remains the same on the paper and on the computer or laptop screen. These days most of the people spend too much time online. The work, recreation and the social networking is online. So in fact, it is a good thing that one can find the Quran Online. For the people who spend most of their time on their laptops and personal computers, it is easier for them to read the Quran Online. So this trend must be encouraged, especially among the youngsters. In fact, anything that can bring the youngsters near to their religion must be encouraged.